The Nora Top & Jumper by Tilly & the Buttons

Date: May 19, 2020

The Nora pattern is an oversized, boxy fit, t-shirt and jumper pattern with 3 sleeve options, 2 hem variations and 2 types of neckline. 

I made both a jumper and tee from this patten in one weekend.
The tee is in a printed rayon jersey: Macan High Twist Rayon Jersey and for the jumper I chose a super soft, poly jumper knit: Abstract Jumper Knit in Pink & Black 

Pattern Notes:
For the sweater I shortened my sleeves 10cm. The style is designed for the sleeve hem to sit at your knuckles. But for me this would have made it impractical for wearing to work. So I opted for the hem to sit at my wrist.
Because I ended up cutting off quite a lot of fabric, I would recommend doing this alteration on the pattern before you decide how much fabric you’ll need. 

For both designs I opted to make the front and back the same length (as opposed to the stepped hem), and also, not to have the slit up the sides:
To do this; I traced off the stepped-hem option. Then I lengthened the front pattern piece to match the back pattern piece at the side seam. That way, I avoided the cropped look, since I usually like to wear my tops (yes, even my sweaters) tucked in.

My measurements for most of Tilly’s patterns sit at their size 3.
However, this design is VERY oversized. Once I compared my measurements to the finished garment measurements, I decided to trace off the size 2. This turned out to be the perfect size for me. 

The tee version especially, would make a great gift! It’s oversized nature makes it easy to make something that will fit anyone. And who doesn’t love a comfy tee shirt!? It’s quick and satisfying to sew, and, with the huge variety of fabrics available for this pattern you could make it to suit any taste. 

One hack I’d like to try, is to extend the hem, to make a really cute t-shirt dress, or nightie.


  • Matching thread.
  • Optional ribbing for the neckband (t-shirt version).
  • Clear Elastic
  • Stretch (ballpoint) needle

Fabric Recommendations:
To get a light, drapey look, like a t-shirt or turtleneck use a light-to-midweight jersey of any fibre, cotton for a traditional look, rayon for lovely softness and drape, or a printed poly jersey for something really wild and fun. 
For a sweater look, choose a thicker knit like a jumper knit, interlock, ponte, ribbed knits, or stretch velvet. These could also be any fibre composition. 

You can’t really choose wrong as long as your knit has at least 10% stretch. 

Here are some specific recommendations for fabrics:

Skill Level recommendation: 
The Nora is an ideal pattern for someone wanting to start sewing with knits for the first time.
Tilly & the Buttons are renowned for their clear and easy-to-follow instructions (the’ve even won awards for it). You’ll learn important techniques that you’ll be able to apply in future knit projects.

Intermediate and experienced knit sewers will find this pattern fun and have a top ready to wear in a short time!

Difficulty level is also affected by the fabric you choose. So if you’re looking for something easy to work with, try a midweight cotton knit or ponte that won’t move around much while you sew. 

You can get your Nora Pattern here.

Happy Sewing! xx