Birch Steel Flat Head Pins


Steel flat head pins come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses that make them suitable for many different kinds of fabrics and garments.

As a rule of thumb thinner pins are more suitable for delicate fabrics, where thicker pins will suit thicker fabrics. The longer the pin the more suitable it will also be for heavier fabric as it will be long enough to reach through all the layers.

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024120 – 26mm x 0.65mm

021116 – 30mm x 0.60mm

024115 – 34mm x 0.6mm

024117 – 26mm x 0.75mm

024121 – 26mm x 0.53mm

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Flat Head Pins

Dressmaker's Pins – Extra Fine / Extra Long, Dressmaker's Pins – Extra Fine/ Longer Length, Dressmaker's Pins – Fine/ Standard Length, Household Pins – Standard Width/ Standard Length, Wedding Dress & Lace Pins – Standard Length / Extremely Fine