Black on Grey Double Knit Coating

$28.90 mtr


41% Wool,  56% Cotton, 3% Nylon

480 gsm

less than 10% stretch

A structured, coat/jacket weight wool. It is very soft with a slightly fuzzy surface that is comfortable against skin. Gorgeous on both side. One is a flat black, the other grey with a black fuzzy finish and can be used either way. It has a slight stretch but will hold up very well for woven patterns (just be sure to interface anywhere you want to look sharp, like a button placket or a collar). This fabric also has no notable selvedge and can be used right to the edge,

Suggested projects: A double sided wool like this is great for coats with panels, try cutting some pieces on one side and some on the other for a “colour block” effect. Great for coats, jackets, skirts, blazers & coatigans.

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