Pants for Real People: Fit and Sew for Any Body! by Pati Palmer & Marta Alto


Fit and sew pants for ANY BODY!

Pants are one of the hardest garments to sew but also one of the most frequently worn!
For trousers, fit is important to looking good but most importantly for comfort. With “Pants for Real People” you can learn how to look and feel a million dollars in pants that you’ve made!
The information in this book comes from Palmer & Alto’s over 40 years of experience in fitting. The ‘Tissue Fitting’ method taught is incredibly accessible and easy to understand. AND! The examples used to teach it are about REAL people with REAL bodies.

Clear, easy to understand instructions with over 850 illustrations and 250 photographs, makes fitting trousers understandable to anyone, beginner to experienced. Not only does this book have everything you need to know about fitting trousers it also has a section on sewing techniques from zippers and waistbands to jumpsuits, linings and even designing the perfect pair!

Some of the many topics covered in this book:

  • Pant fabrics
  • The Palmer & Pletsch Tissue Fitting Technique
  • Fit-As-You-Sew
  • Waisbands
  • Zippers
  • Jeans
  • Pants for Men
  • Designing

Fabric Deluxe highly recommends using Tracing-facing with the techniques taught in this book.

For the complete knowledge base also purchase the companion guide: “The Palmer & Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting” which goes over how to fit dresses, tops, skirts, jackets and more.

176 pages

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