Schmetz QUILTING Needles – Variety Pack


Pack of 5 Needles, in 2 sizes (75/11 x 3, 90/14 x 2).

SCHMETZ quilting needles, have a slim acute point and tapered tip, made especially for piecing and machine quilting. The thin tapered design of these needles allows them to pass through many layers smoothly to help eliminate skipped and uneven stitches.

130/705 H-Q  (Flat shank needle with center indentation).

Needle Size Guide: the first number of the size (eg. “90” of 90/14) is the diameter of the needle shaft in millimeters. So, that “90”  means that the needle is 0.90mm in diameter.

The second number is just the equivalent size in the US needle-measurement system.

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