Schmetz ROUND SHANK Needles – Size 80/12


Pack of 5 round shank needles.

SCHMETZ round shank needles, are suitable for artisan machines and a various home overlockers/sergers. The slightly rounded Universal point makes it perfect for sewing on a variety of knit and woven fabrics. This is a general purpose needle, great for zigzag stitching and is sharp enough to go through a few layers of fabrics, but is not ideal for many layers or high thread count fabrics.


287 WH/ 1738  (Round shank needle with center indentation).

Needle Size Guide: the first number of the size (eg. “90” of 90/14) is the diameter of the needle shaft in millimeters. So, that “90”  means that the needle is 0.90mm in diameter.

The second number is just the equivalent size in the US needle-measurement system.

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