Taffeta Twill Midnight Blush

$28.00 mtr


65% Cotton 35% Polyester

195 GSM

Crisp, smooth, light but very structured, fabric. no drape. Akin to a structured, light suiting. It’s front face has a matte, delicate twill texture, and the reverse has a gorgeous, slight metallic lustre (pictured in the close up photo). Either side can be used depending on your preference. Holds pleats, darts and details well, and makes the most delightful rustling sound when moved.

Suggested Projects: Light, structured garments like trench coats, sports jackets, parka, utility jackets, denim & leather style jackets, fitted cocktail dresses, (or ballgowns!) coat & jacket style dresses. Slightly cigarette & straight leg trousers, skirts.

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