Woven Iron-On Interfacing Heavyweight, Black

$11.00 mtr


When choosing an interfacing it its best to choose an interfacing that is similar in weight, to your fabric.

Heavy Weight interfacing is designed for thicker fabrics used in garments like structured pants, skirts and jackets. This interfacing is a great way to add bulk to a fabric that might not be thick or sturdy enough to use for heavier garments. Also use this interfacing for stabilising waistbands, button holes, belts, jackets, jeans and seam junctions.

Tips for use:

Cut 2- 5mm smaller than your pattern piece on all sides.

Lay glue side (rough side) down on your fabric piece, put a pressing cloth over the top. Place (no steam) iron on top with firm pressure for 10-16 seconds. If the pattern piece is bigger than your iron plate, lift and place your iron this way until all parts of the interfacing have been fused.

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Dimensions 150 cm



No Stretch