Woven Iron-on Interfacing, Midweight, White

$10.00 mtr


Approx 55gsm

Suitable for most light to midweight fabrics. 

Midweight interfacing can be used for all sorts of applications and fabric. It is mostly designed as a stabiliser to stop fabric from stretching and warping without changing the characteristics of the fabric. However it can also be used to add slightly more structure to a lighter fabric.
And, you can use small amounts to stabilise button holes and seam junctions. And also for small repairs like tears & cuts.
This interfacing has a bit of stretch, making it suitable for knit fabrics as well. Just keep in mind that your fabric will only be as stretchy as the interfacing after they are fused together.

Tips for use:

Cut 2- 5mm smaller than your pattern piece on all sides.

Lay glue side (rough side) down on your fabric piece, put a pressing cloth over the top. Place (no steam) iron on top with firm pressure for 10-16 seconds. If the pattern piece is bigger than your iron plate, lift and place your iron this way until all parts of the interfacing have been fused.

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Dimensions 150 cm





No Stretch