Double Windsor Tencel Twill – Fawn

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100% Tencel™ Lyocell

Tencel™ Lyocell is an environmentally responsible fabric produced under licence from the Lenzing Company.Tencel is made from sustainably sourced wood and produced in a closed loop system that recovers and reuses the solvents used in its production. It is exceptionally breathable and comfortable against skin, it is even somewhat resistant to bacteria.

Windsor Twill has a heavy fluid drape with a little bit of body. The surface is matte with a slight peach skin finish, twill on one side and appears plain woven on the reverse. It is completely opaque.

Suggested Projects: Will work well for almost any drapey garment, from drapey jackets to sleepwear, cocktail and evening to work wear and casual. With interfacing is great for showing off details like fancy pockets, places, collars and more.
Double Windsor is slightly more suited to bottom weights and outerwear but still makes excellent lighter garments as well.
Tencel twill is easier to sew than other drapey fabric, as it is more stable and forgiving than fabrics like challis or satin.

Care note: To keep your Tencel Twill looking fresh; do not stress the fabric while it is wet. This means hand or gentle machine washing without the spin cycle, and hanging up to dry immediately after washing. Following these simple steps will help you avoid sad 🙁 white lines appearing on the fabric.

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Dimensions 150 cm

Beige / Cream, Tan